Thursday, July 29

Sorry to bug you with another Kulik question, but upon reflection, looking at the shape he's in, the great, airy triples, and I don't think he's ever had a major injury....could he, if he wanted to, make a comeback and still be competitive?

I don't mind. I really do miss Kulik and I think his time in the amateur world didn't last long enough. If he could adjust to the new scoring system. I don't think he'd have any trouble being Russia's current number one. Remarkable, seeing he's been a pro for 12 years now.

People like Kulik make me really want to see a few pro competitions come back ASAP. He's managed to keep most of his technical 'tricks', but for what, honestly? To showcase them a few times a year in shows? I believe he still is a guest with Stars on Ice, but I'd love to see him be able to go put together more competitive performances and really shine.

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Anonymous said...

I like comebacks. I did read that once Kulik had a very bad pinched nerve in his back and that lead him not to do a Euros in 1998 I think. Do pinched nerves recur a lot?