Thursday, July 29

Technically, Daisuke has been quadless since the injury. It's so puzzling as his other jumps look really good. Do you think he will be able to get it back this coming season?

I believe he is continuing to work on a quad flip, and in all seriousness I could see him landing that before a quad toe, even if he starts attempting the toe again. If Takeshi Honda is still working with him on the technical stuff, I'm sure he has some great tips about the flip; his (triple) was always HUGE.

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Anonymous said...

Tony, why do you think Dai would land the 3F before the 3T? Isn't the toe jump easier? It's worth the least points in the scoring.

I think his slight built and slim hips really help when it comes to his big triple jumps.

caseyedwards said...

Obviously there is something with Takahashi's injury that makes the toe jump harder to make into a quad for Takahashi so much so that he can't even really land - but with the flip he can land when he takes off to do a quad. I think it just has to do with injury. OR maybe he only came close to landing it at world because he was so JAZZED! Who knows about these things with skaters heads?

Anonymous said...

Daisuke explained to Japanese media after the Worlds, his right leg had not regained its strength completely since the injury. Hence, he had a problem with quad toe - right foot take off - and found quad flip more comfortable - left foot take off. He also said he had never been good at toe loops in general. We don't know how things turn out this season, when he's fully recovered. He's been trying quad flips at shows; still mostly under-rotated or two footed, but reported to be quite close to be clean.
Stephane is a quad jumper who had to ditch triple axel all together at the end, so what a skater find easier to execute does not always correspond the points associated with it - some due to technique and some due to injuries.