Thursday, July 15

There are so many talented Russian girls, one or two will break through. I like Mishin's Elizaveta though because her jumping technique and foundation is so strong. There are clips of a 3axel in practice. Worried about his packaging though.

I saw her triple Axel and it looks gorgeous, and she also does that choreography right out of the jump on her landing edges-- talk about control! I think that her packaging looks similar to most of the other Russian singles skaters, honestly (lots of arm movements and not much going on with the lower body or skates). But that is, of course, just the impression I got from the 30 second clip of her jumping. She has some time to work on the components as she can't even skate senior internationally until the 2012/2013 season.

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Anonymous said...

It's so strange that Russian skaters have this weird disconnect between lower/ upper body movements and are strangely unmusical as a whole, strange considering Russian ballet dancers are known for being just the opposite.

Russian packaging/ choreography has to change for their top skaters to be competitive, regardless of whether they have jumps or not. Arm movements for the sake of arm movements can't be passed off as artistic anymore. Russian skaters are still doing choreo from the '80s & '90s, I feel like I'm in a time warp when I watch Russian skaters sometimes.

Sure Plushenko's OG LP was overscored but not as overscored as he was in Torino. So I think ( or hope) the judges are starting to realize the difference between true artistry/ interpretation vs. discordant arm movements.