Wednesday, July 21

Weir Wins Skater of the Year; Local Magazine Shares Thoughts on Johnny

So Johnny won the title of Skating Magazine Readers Choice Skater of the Year over the likes of Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek and Olympic silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Hey, good for him!

Many people always comment on how they think figure skating is perceived outside the fandom of the sport itself, and I came across something very interesting. I was flipping through the pages of UWeekly (an Ohio State University magazine), trying to find a popular section that showcases photos from bars around the Columbus area, when I found this 'gem':

IPhone screen shot from yours truly


Wendy S said...

And ignorance is clearly alive and well in at least one student at The Ohio State University. Charming.

WheresMyKoppy said...

IT irritates me to no end when people refer to Johnny as a 'girl'. He is NOT a girl and this shows the level of ignorance the writer has.

Anonymous said...

This is how FS is perceived in N. America unfortunately. Unlike in Europe or Asia, where FS and men skaters are not thought of as gay or effeminate, FS is given more respect as a sport. Now granted, many men skaters who are gay are also N. Americans, so that feeds into the perception of FS as a gay sport here in the U.S.

I think it's a disgrace whenever someone get outed against his/ her wishes, even if the person doing the outing thinks doing so is furthering a political agenda beneficial to the LGBT community. It's sleazy, wrong when a tabloid does it, and wrong when a gay/ gay-friendly person does it. Johnny has a right to keep his sexuality away from public discourse if that's what he wishes.

I agree with the mildly disrespectful tone of the brief article. Unless the writer is gay and has had conversations with Johnny where he has addressed Johnny as "girl", then this kind of semantics becomes condescending.

I see things like this on YT videos of male skaters all the time. Ironically, most are by so-called fans of said skaters. These fans often refer to speculated sexualities, wishful relationships involving their favorite skaters, so on and so forth. At times it's cringeworthy. They never think about how these skaters feel upon seeing garbage written about them. It's all just silly fun for these so-called fans who know nothing about skating, and are only in it for the sideshow aspect of FS.

I'm in my 20s but I was brought up to be respectful, sometimes I'm really ashamed for my generation's disregard for manners.

Anonymous said...

This dork makes me ashamed to be an Ohio State grad!