Sunday, July 18

what do you think about Yuna Kim's decision to only participate in the Worlds?

I had posted a few weeks ago that it might be possible she wasn't going to skate at all this season. I knew she hadn't worked on programs yet and it seemed logical that she needed some time to rest after the Olympic gold and all of the other stuff that has been happening since. If she shows up at Worlds, I wonder if that will be the only competition she does all year? The Four Continents are in Taiwan, and I don't know if she'd want to take such long trips weeks apart for big competitions. Maybe her life slows down greatly at the end of 2010 that she can get back to competitive training and working on new material.

However, not to be a total pessimist (and no hate mail- I LIKE Yu-Na), I wouldn't be surprised if she decides later on to forego Worlds this year, as well. We shall see..

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