Tuesday, July 27

What do you think Christina Gao's progress and her recent performances at Skate Detroit?

I think she's definitely improving, but I still see a lot of areas that need work. I had been hearing how beautiful her triple flip/triple toe has been coming along, and she landed a great one in the free skate there. However, some of her other jumps continue to look 'just' rotated to me, and some of her spins look like she has yet to really reach that sweet spot and rotate quickly. Same for her overall skating-- it's not bad, but she can have more refinement and speed.

I usually don't care for the "Yellow River Concerto" free skate music that she has chosen, but I surprised myself and enjoyed the program. The short program is just okay, but it is the first outing for both and I'm sure she will continue to improve throughout the year.

I know she was 5th at Nationals last year and probably would love to make her way up to the podium this year, but I think another year on the Junior Grand Prix/Junior Worlds is the best call for right now. She doesn't quite yet look like a senior skater in my opinion.

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