Tuesday, July 13

What do you think of all of the up and coming Russian Ladies Skaters?

I think they will be a tremendous power in the next few years, if their bodies don't start to deteriorate too early. I really liked Agafonova at Junior Worlds (at least much more than Ovcharova-- even though many seem to consider the latter to be next big thing..), but I think she will end up lost in the shuffle by some of the even younger ladies and Shelepen. At any rate, Russia definitely looks to be on track after a whole Olympic cycle with no serious threats near the top.

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Anonymous said...

What do you think about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva? How does she compare to Agafonova, Ovcharova, and Shelepen?

Anonymous said...

Could all of these Russian girls hurt the scores of Makarova and Leonova? Could judges be like "well everyone knows these Russian's arent't as good as the younger ones!"

Tony said...

Tuktamysheva is one of the ladies I referred to as far as passing up some of the others. She looks to have quite a decent triple Axel, and she has Mishin on her side, who is surely going to make sure she has absolutely perfect technique. Remember, save a terrible short program at the Russian Nationals last season and it would have been Elizaveta besting both Makarova and Leonova.

I think Makarova has a shot to prove herself again (aka- the National judges won't dump her so quickly), but I feat that Leonova's time is just about up. She had a great showing at the 2009 Worlds, but her 2010 season was just "alright" all-around. Once some of these younger ladies become age-eligible for senior competition, I can't see Alena staying a serious threat unless she completely reworks her skating (as much as I enjoy her presentation..).

Anonymous said...

Tony, what do you think of Agafonova's technique? Really, I know she's young but from the video of her '10 WJC I'm far from impressed. Her telegraphing her jumps especially her lutz, reminds me of Liashenko. Also Agafonova's free leg goes so far up before her lutz jumps, that's not good technique.

Ovcharova's WJC program also didn't impress me. So often skaters use jazzy music to compensate for their lack of artistry. I didn't like her upper body positions throughout the program.

Overall these youngsters are an improvement I guess from the likes of Slutskaya. But I think the younger Japanese ladies are much more polished than these Russian up and comers. I could be wrong in my assessments though, only time will tell.

Tony said...

I think Agafonova has a ways to go but she's still very small and probably needs to gain some muscle before we judge her completely on her technique. But I do agree, there is quite a bit to work on. I think one of the reasons that I was impressed with her was because of how unimpressed I was with Ovcharova-- and for the exact reasons you talked about. I thought that the jazz music was also a way to cover her sloppiness and somewhat franticness that she has due to a lack of overall polish, and I was surprised to see many people really raving about her.

At this point, they all have time to undergo drastic changes to their both their technique and their presentation, so I guess I have to keep an open mind about all of them.