Thursday, July 22

What do you think Yu-Na skipping out the Grand Prix means for other skaters, i.e. Mao, Mirai, etc.?

It shouldn't really mean anything besides giving Suzuki, Ando, and Leonova a bit of a break, as they all were assigned the same two events as Yu-Na. The fields for China and Russia still remain deep, though, with Nagasu skating at Cup of China and a handful of potential spoilers (Makarova, Meier, Wagner, Zawadzki) skating at Rostelecom Cup.

As far as the whole series, it might give Asada or skaters like Ando and Nagasu some early steam, but let's remember that Ashley Wagner and Alena Leonova did well in the series last year to make the Final and basically fizzle off by the time the most important events came around. Therefore, I don't think Yu-Na's withdrawal means too much.

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