Friday, July 30

What I Missed.. And What's Coming Up..

The Quebec Summer Championships take place August 5-8; this competition always seems to draw excellent fields, and this time around is no different.

Among the rosters for the senior events are the following:

In mens: Marc-Andre Craig, Ian Martinez, and, Shawn Sawyer; ladies feature Amelie Lacoste, Cynthia Phaneuf, and Myriane Samson; and maybe the deepest discipline-- pairs: Brodeur/Mattatall, Dube/Davison, the new pair of Duhamel/Radford, Poland's Sulej/Chruscinski, and Japan's Takahashi/Tran.

Skate Detroit took place last week during my birthday, and the only videos of senior competitors that seem to have surfaced are both of Christina Gao's programs, as well as Grant Hochstein's short program. For my thoughts on Gao, read my Formspring response. Hochstein is one of my favorite up-and-comers in the States and he is the one in the 'next generation' that really shines artistically, in my opinion. However, his jumps and overall skating still look a bit small and slow to me so there is plenty of room for improvement. Grant recently was assigned to Skate Canada on the Grand Prix. He also has a shot at the TBA spot at Skate America, but I think Armin Mahbanoozadeh might have made a stronger case at Liberty Open two weeks ago. Armin has yet to receive an assignment this year. Anyways, here are the programs from Skate Detroit:

Entries have been published for the first stop of the 2010 Junior Grand Prix, in Courchevel, France. Among the top names in ladies are Russians Anna Ovcharova and Polina Shelepen, as well as Americans Nina Jiang and Yasmin Siraj. Don't be surprised if the Turkish-- yes, Turkish! skater Sila Saygi turns some heads. I first saw her at the JGP Budapest last season and really took note of her. With Tugba Karademir retired, we will see if Saygi is ready to step up as the country's number one. Also in the ladies competition is Anastasia Kononenko from Ukraine. Probably not going to be a challenger, but I definitely remember her spins from the JGP Budapest.

In the mens field, Canadian Andrei Rogozine, Russians Stanislav Kovalev and Mark Shakhmatov, and Americans Jason Brown and Max Aaron lead the way.

Pairs are not included in this stop of the circuit, while in ice dance, Russians Stepanova/Bukin are probably the pre-competition favorites.

The 2010 Japan Open once again features team competition between North America, Europe, and Japan. The final rosters have been announced for the event, which starts October 2. Use Google Translate if you go to the page ;-)

North America: Mirai Nagasu, Joannie Rochette, Jeffrey Buttle, Adam Rippon
Europe: Laura Lepisto, Sarah Meier, Michal Brezina, Evgeny Plushenko
Japan: Miki Ando, Mao Asada, Takahiko Kozuka, Daisuke Takahashi

Wow, five of the top six ladies from the Olympics, three World Champion men plus Rippon, Brezina, and Kozuka? Forget the Grand Prix stops, I wish I was in Japan!

Something I haven't been keeping up with (like a good blogger) is the announcement of music choices for next season. Many of the American team choices have been added continuously throughout the summer on IceNetwork, and Mirai Nagasu has finally listed hers: The Villages of Eastwick for the short, and Memoirs of a Geisha for the long; both composed by John Williams.

Canadian Mira Leung used The Villages of Eastwick for part of her short program in 2009, also choreographed by Lori Nichol. Although I thought it was a tremendous improvement from anything she had done prior, she was already on the way down nationally and received no favors during the competition. Here's her performance:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for the special mention of Sila Saygi. I'm very very hopeful for this young lady and am hoping she'll get past the triple toe - triple sal to proceed to other triples, something Tugba got stuck with unfortunately. All this exposure will hopefully help her consistency as well.