Thursday, July 15

what makes you think Kim Yu-Na will not compete next year??? you don't know what you are talking about and you shouldn't just guess things.

One thing I have tried to stick with when "reporting" news is that I'm not going to attribute my name to it unless I have pretty strong confidence that the news is true (really, who wants to report untrue news and expect people to take them seriously?) A recent example of that was Stephane Lambiel working with Daisuke Takahashi on a new short program.

I always look at where my visitors are being linked from and I know that my thread about Kim possibly not competing next year had some people on one of her forums writing that I shouldn't make assumptions and all that good stuff. I am guessing that is where you are coming from.

I heard from a trusted source that she does not have programs yet. No, I don't think you can base her not competing solely off of that, but the chatter around her rink seems to also suggest she won't skate competitively next year. On top of that, David Wilson just mentioned in an interview that he is done choreographing for the year (as Jeremy Abbott's free skate was his final endeavor). No one seems to have noticed that. So this either suggests Kim is going to have programs choreographed by someone other than Wilson, or-- back to my original suggestion.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. It isn't the end of the world. However, the last thing I am doing is coming up with fake stories so that more people will come to my website. Maybe I need to create a disclaimer page :-)

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Anonymous said...

Great response, Tony!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will be a surprise once Yuna said she will not be competing next season. Majority of Figure skating fans believed that she will take a break next season. So, it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with your previous "report" was that you linked speculation about whether or not she was going to compete with a decision for shows and endorsements (even though she's always done shows, endorsements, AND competition before). So you made it sound like she was choosing money over competition. You said this: "Sounds like she doesn't even have new competitive programs choreographed for next year, and is instead making big money from shows and sponsorships, including another possible recent one million dollar endorsement." This was a day or two before she was named an ambassador for UNICEF. And people pointed out to you that she already had tons of endorsements, and you had to correct your entry.

If you have a trusted source telling you she's not going to compete, fine, just say that. But keep your garbage assumptions about her choosing money over competition to yourself, because that was complete garbage.

Anonymous said...

Being Olympic champion can mean much more money for a skater. So while kim may have had deals before chances are they were no where near the kinds she is getting now! She has a Gold Medal in ladies figure skating!

Tonichelle said...

Gotta love the fanATICS taking everything that isn't just pure worship as something negative and then freak out.

Yuna is ONE PERSON, she is no better or worse than any of the other Olympic ladies over the years. It's yet to be seen where her place is in INTERNATIONAL history. chill folks, nothing that was said here could be logically concluded to be defamation of any sort.

Not sure what her fans will do if and when she does retire. It will most likely be a welcome mass exodus much like some of the crazed Tara and MK fans of yesteryear. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It is no point to blame in someone's blog.
Actually, Yu-na seems to only prepare EX number and no sign of asking to choreograph for her new SP and LP. And she got every single title what she want and can get in 2009-2010 season. Then, she has been making big money and done a lot of donation. Then, she even became Ambassador of UNICEF. ( It is not a easy business if you seriously do it, not just donate money.) What she want to do next? It is a natural guess for many skate fans that she might not compete in this season.

Tony said...

To the Anonymous11:04, aren't you speculating that I was suggesting she was taking money over competing? Last time I checked, it was more of a "she isn't doing this, but is instead doing this" type of sentence rather than "Welp, she's taking the money and could care less about competitions." So you are speculating over something you assumed I was speculating about. Sorry, I guess?

You sound like another one that doesn't "get" that I like Yu-Na (as many people do), but she isn't my absolute favorite. Still, I'd hardly write anything bad about her.