Thursday, July 22

What will it take to make Lori Nichol use an original, not overdone song?!

Well I don't know her so I can't tell you :-)

I think often times with choreographers, they let the skaters pick out some music that they'd like to skate to and then work from that. Think about it, if the skater really likes the music then the job of the choreographer becomes that much more simple because they don't have to keep trying to convince the skater of their 'vision' for a program. However, because of this, you get skaters who don't want to sit around for hours and hours looking for obscure pieces like some fans do (myself included), and we get a 'Skatings Greatest Hits' selection over and over each season. Skating to something familiar is probably also more of a safe bet than something that hasn't ever been used, and let's remember the ages of many of the judges... enough said? :-)

I know it drives some people completely insane when there is an announcement of yet another Carmen, Malaguena, or Swan Lake, but I actually don't mind it. However, I wish I was a choreographer because I've definitely heard some great pieces over the last few years. Maybe some day..

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Meri said...

I get why that happens with classical music, but don't skaters listen to music and see movies? There are so many great soundtracks, and yet we still get Requiem for a Dream and Pirates and Cinema Paradiso again and again.

Savchenko and Szolkowy skate almost exclusively to soundtracks, some of them frequently used music like Schindler's list, others more unique (e.g. Asoka, Out of Africa) and the results have been really great. I wish more skaters/choreographers would look for inspiration outside the classics.