Tuesday, July 13

What's your opinion on Abbott's new music/choreographers choices? I think they might hurt his PCS. otoh, with Lysacek and Weir gone, Rippon is Jeremy's biggest rival, and Adam's programs will be even more bo... well.. conservative. But, internationally?

I heard when I got the "Toronto News" that Jeremy looked really uncomfortable with his short program, and I believe he's also said that he hasn't really adjusted into it yet. Not to say that he won't, but I really hope that his tango doesn't become yet another generic program that we see so often. On the other hand, I cannot wait to see his free skate. I love Life is Beautiful and I really like the music from it. I think there is tremendous potential there, and I like that he is going to portray such an interesting character.

More than anything with Jeremy, I really hope he has the look of confidence in his eyes all next season-- there's no reason to not believe in himself! I've commented before that he always looks so stressed and tired. No more of that, please!

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Abbott either "gets" the SP or ditches it for another. Sato seems to have good judgement, so hopefully we won't end up watching something awful like Mroz's latin program from last year.

Abbott must be under a lot of pressure to get it decent by Yu-Na's show - and hat's less than 2 weeks away.