Sunday, July 25

Why do people say Plushenko has no artistry? "Tribute to Vaslav Nijinsky" and "St Petersburg 300" are two of the most beautiful programs I've ever watched.

Plushenko has a way of drawing you in and making you watch him. I see so many of the younger Russian men try to emulate that and it looks silly, but when Evgeny does it, it just works.

Both programs you mention were during the 6.0 days (Nijinsky might have been performed on the Grand Prix the very first year IJS was being tested.. I don't remember), so things like transitions and great choreography were overlooked a lot of the time by the judges rewarding high marks to top skaters when they skated well. I'm not taking anything away from him and how he skated back then, though, because there were no such things as components and what he did was certainly very good.

My favorite program of Plushenko's actually is St. Petersburg 300 but I wouldn't say either of them were artistic masterpieces. Two really great pre-IJS programs that would fit in very well today are Takeshi Honda and Alexander Abt's 2002 free skates, if you want good examples IMO.

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Anonymous said...

Artistry is a subjective matter. Some people like Plushenko style and his programs and some people don´t, it´s nothing wrong about that. Skaters are like painters, different styles, some may prefere Rembrandt, others Picasso, etc.
Of course, if I say that Picasso is less artistic that Rembrandt just because I don´t like it, that´s a very superficial and stupid statement.
Another mistake is to think that those who say that Plushenko has no artistry are all experts with exquisite artistic sense. Many of them doesn´t even know what artistry means, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Flailing arms and jerky upper body movements do not count as artistry. I happen to like Plushenko both as a skater and as a person. But it's enough that he's regarded as one of the best jumpers in history, his skating skills and artistry shouldn't be exalted as being nearly as wonderful as his jumps.

But I'm willing to overlook the general tackiness of his programs sometimes. He has wonderful command of the ice and who can hate a man who loves his pets as much as he does?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of other skaters with flailing arms and jerky upper body movements and people praise their artistry so I don´t understand why Plushenko´s flailing is worse.

But just like a friend of mine said once,God gave Plushenko huge charisma, the best gift that a skater could receive. His jumps, his programs,even his medals are nothing compared to that.