Saturday, July 31

Why do some skaters put their tights over their boots? I heard it helps with their lines, but it seems like a fairly new "trend".

I have never understood why. It makes their feet look even uglier if they don't have good lines.

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Anonymous said...

It is supposed to make your leg look longer; but the real advantage is that you don't have to clean your skating boots before competition or - ever - wash your laces.

Anonymous said...

I sort of guessed that might be the reason, but I'm surprised so many elite skaters do it. If they spend so much time on costume and makeup, you'd think they also take the time to their polish boots XD

Anonymous said...

It is avoid to loose or cover ice on skate boots' laces, I heard before. Actually Mao suffered this kind of problem and was fall down, after then she has put her tights over her boots for safety.