Saturday, July 31

why is figure skating not on major television networks anymore? i just remembered they had it on espn not to long ago

In the United States, viewership is way down from the glory days in the 90's when people would watch ANYTHING having to do with skating, hence why we saw 500 different variations on rules in pro events throughout the seasons. Now, the major fan base is in Japan and Korea.

Ask me a question about figure skating!

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Tonichelle said...

that and Doug Wilson retired a year before ESPN's contract ran out. Doug Wilson Championed figure skating coverage way back when it started being covered on TV. I don't think the person that took his seat gave a rusty hoot about skating so there was no one to fight for ESPN to keep it.

NBC has always done a poor job of covering skating. CBS lost money on the last couple of ice wars competitions and gave up on skating.