Thursday, July 15

Yet Even More From the ESPYs

First of all, thanks to a reader who sent me a link to the Evan Lysacek commercial I talked about yesterday.  I found a version of it onYouTube:

Also, there is video up of the Erin Andrews interview with Evan, but embedding by ESPN is disabled. You can watch it by going here. The part where he gets embarrassing and calls Andrews' dress an ESPY and says he loves her face was clipped out... probably because it was so awkward?

Rochette has a photo on her Twitter from last night but no AP photos, while Lysacek and his agent have posted a few from the red carpet (1, 2, 3) as well. Sasha Cohen was also at a pre-ESPY party and the website Hot Girls in Hollywood has posted some pictures of her.

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