Thursday, July 8

Yu-Na Kim Skipping 2011? Other Toronto Tidbits

May it be possible that Olympic Champion Yu-Na Kim will not compete in the 2011 season? According to some trusted sources, it appears that way. Sounds like she doesn't even have new competitive programs choreographed for next year, and is instead making big money from shows and sponsorships, including another possible recent one million dollar endorsement. Kim will lead the All That Skate exhibition in two weeks in her native South Korea-- a show that also features five-time World Champion Michelle Kwan. Yu-Na has announced that she will debut a new exhibition, to La Roux's Bulletproof.

Now, I realize that it is still early July and her would-be competitive season (most likely the Grand Prix) doesn't start until the end of October, which makes plenty of time for Yu-Na to get back into top shape and create new programs. But, it just doesn't sound likely. I don't know if this signifies the end of her amateur career or just a break for the season... maybe she doesn't even know.

More news on this situation as I hear it.

In other Toronto news, sounds like Americans Adam Rippon and Christina Gao are on absolute fire with their jumps. Rippon promised he would include the quad toe loop in his programs next season, and I hear it is looking great in practice. Watch out for him to go straight to the top next season-- seriously. Gao (who was 5th at US Nationals last season) also seems to be jumping well, as a source says "she's jumping even bigger than Yu-Na". Jeremy Abbott visited recently and was seen practicing his flamenco short program, and Brian Joubert is expected soon. Both skaters have spent time working with dancer Antonio Najarro in this off-season. Joubert's new free skate will be choreographed by David Wilson.

Edited to change the "a" to "another" as far as Kim's one million dollar endorsements go.


Anonymous said...

So Abbott and Joubert will both be competing with Najarro SP's and Wilson LP's?


Both are at Yu-na's All That you know....will either of them be doing their new SP's there?

Anonymous said...

Another 1 million dollar endorsement for Yuna? Boy.. is she a billionaire in Korea now? Joking aside, I do hope she continues. Tony I thought she said before leaving to Toronto that she will not retire though hesitant about discussing the competition next season.

Anonymous said...

A quad is still a quad and I bet Rippon just backloads some more jumps rather than go for a quad. Does the US federation even want American men doing quads???

caseyedwards said...

Rippon 2010 Worlds Free skate layout

step 3
spin 4
Halfway Point-All jumps worth more

Now if Rippon wants to show growth than obviously he could move that triple toe he did with the flip to the halfway point and do it with the triple axel. He could also do a solo triple axel before the halfway point and save that combo for after the halfway point. Boom! You just added more points than you would if you added a quad and your entire skate is easier so you can do level 4 spins.

caseyedwards said...

oops I forgot his level 4 spin after the doubel axel after the halfway point!

Anonymous said...

Yuna already has at least 10 "one millon dollar endorsements", so that would not be a factor in her decision at all. I am still hoping to see Yuna at 2011 World Championship in Tokyo to reclaim her World title.

Anonymous said...

Any news/sightings of the little Korean girl Min-Jung Kwak? I very much liked her exhibition piece at FOI, she seemed to have improved a lot in a short amount of time. I'm hoping she is getting stronger so she can avoid the downgrades she is often hankered with!

becauseofitall said...

Yu-na may as well cash in while the going's good. I highly doubt she'll be properly competitive again.