Monday, August 16

Bobek Gets Five Years Probation; No Jail Time

Nicole Bobek was sentenced to five years probation today for her role in a meth distribution ring. is reporting that Bobek is trying to get her life on getting her life back on track, starting with working towards her high school diploma. We have all seen her mugshot from a year ago when Nicole was originally arrested, but many will be pleased to see that she has returned to her former appearance: dyeing her hair blonde and putting it in a bun, as well as being able to throw some make-up on this time around.

Best of luck to Nicole; she should see this sentencing as being given one huge chance to get her life back together.


Anonymous said...

You think she's fixing her life mainly because she's wearing her hair differently? That is laughable.

Tony said...

No, I didn't think I made that correlation at all. I'll change it from "returned to her old self" to "returned to her former appearance" as to not confuse anyone else.