Wednesday, August 4

But do casual fans know who Yuna is? and is it possible that the US will ever have their own Yuna or at least another Michelle Kwan?

Yeah, I think most casual sports fans can at least tell you that Yu-Na is "that Korean girl who won the Olympics", kind of the same way that most people could tell you Oksana Baiul was the Ukrainian orphan who upset Nancy Kerrigan for gold, etc. And yes, I think another Michelle Kwan is possible.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure? Because I have several friends who are casual sports fans and they didn't know who she was. I had to actually tell them. I think Oksana was more known because the sport was much more popular at that time due to the whole Harding/Kerrigan saga and that she upset an American. Also, the terrible broadcast of figure skating by NBC didn't help either.

Tony said...

I think a decent amount of people know of her. But when it comes to Baiul, I totally agree that the Kerrigan/Harding saga tremendously helped. Remember, the ladies short program at the 1994 Olympics is still the SECOND most watched program/event on US broadcast television in history, and the free skate is also in the top 20.

As far as the broadcast of the skating. Yeah, it sucked that for the ladies free skate we only saw the final group aside from Karademir (and Lee?). But there was too much stuff to fit into that nights broadcast to begin with, and it hurt that both Americans made the final group. The problem with televising stuff live is that you have to make split second decisions about who to air. I remember in SLC we saw the short programs of Maniachenko, Volchkova, Fontana, etc. but we didn't see skaters like Sebestyen (who made the final group), Suguri, and Meier who all placed higher.

Anonymous said...

Yuna has a great story, she's a savvy competitor, she has great coaching, plus she is beautiful.
The skating shows out of Korea are contemporary, youthful, and fun. They aren't targeted at the geriatric set, like SOI is.
I think about the only thing that would get skating back on TV is a great US lady competitor, who is also beautiful. Contemporary music would also help. (but I know lyrics aren't allowed)