Tuesday, August 24

Denney/Barrett Coaching Change

Photo courtesy daylife.com
FigureSkatersOnline has published a release from the USFS announcing that National Champions Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett have left their coaching team of Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston, and Alison Smith, and will now work with former US pairs Champion John Zimmerman and his wife, former Italian singles skater Sylvia Fontana.

Among the pairs teams that Zimmerman already works with are the Italians, Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek. If you missed my non-stop gushing about them during the World Championships, check out this post to see their great short program from the event.

I'm definitely excited to see if Zimmerman and Fontana can work with Caydee and Jeremy to relate more to each other rather than two skaters performing all the elements with very little connection to each other. In the short time that they have been back together, they've definitely made tremendous improvements, and I hope for big things from them next season.

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea how they'll fare with Zimmerman and Fontana, but I'm kinda glad they made a switch. Obviously, Peterson deserves a lot of credit for his work with them, but I find all of his pairs to have a second-tier packaging about them. The costuming, the music selections, the choreography. Their technique hasn't really been the issue, the polish, unison, etc. has. I'm optimistic they'll gain more refinement in their skating that they lacked under Peterson.