Thursday, August 5

Do you think eating disorders in men's f/s needs more attention? I mean look at Plushenko calling himself fat during last season (his onesie was loose in Van), Lysacek turning into a stick after Van, Weir complaining about his weight (he looked healthy)..

It's hard to make a judgement without actually seeing them up close in person. I see people thinking all the time that some skaters that have muscle definition or fuller bodies must be 'bigger', but in all actuality they are just as tiny as the others.

As far as your three examples, I think Plushenko was probably sarcastic with calling himself fat. Maybe he had a little bit of a chubby stomach coming on? :-) Lysacek, who knows.. if anything I thought he would gain weight after being off the ice for a while. Weir, to me, looked like he had much more muscle definition about three years ago. I saw him at Skate for Hope and he looked like he was fine, but I know plenty of people that put on three pounds and think it makes a huge different to their appearance. Maybe that's what happened..

As far as eating disorders, I don't think those three examples are really serious enough to think that it's a huge problem in skating. I'm sure it exists to some extent, but it's really hard to tell when the guys wear outfits that cover most of their bodies.

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