Friday, August 13

Do you think Miki Ando could do better with a different coach? She has done well with Morozov, but would someone be better to help her improve her on-ice presence?

For sure. I think she threw a lot of the nice qualities she was starting to gain in 2006 away when she moved to Morozov, and now it's all about focusing on the jumps and doing difficult elements but not really doing much as far as the components marks go.

I thought the judges were absolutely crazy when they gave her the components they did at the 2009 Worlds free skate, especially on choreography and interpretation. She just went through the program like it was a practice and didn't make any attempt at connection with the music or the crowd. But, like always, a great skate means that the program is suddenly full of transitions and choreography that wasn't there any other time during the season ;)

For what it's worth, I think Miki is extremely nervous around Nikolai and always wants to do well for him. She needs someone that makes her feel less pressure AND can give her more of a complete package.

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mm said...

Interesting... I was thinking almost the opposite. If not to Morozov, at least moving to the US definitely has helped her a lot, especially with her mental stability. Miki seems, and she admits publicly, a very sensitive person and she suffered tremendously during the 2005/06 season from too much media interests in Japan.
Morozov appears to be a kind of coach, who is good at boosting his pupils' confidence. He had the same effect on Takahashi. Both Miki and Daisuke repeatedly stated that publicly. According to Daisuke, he also allowed his choreography to be modified, or simplified rather, to make it easier for the skaters to execute jumps. Jumps are the most nerve-wracking elements, as we all know. And some not-so-confident, nervous skaters may want that. Miki seems to be one of them, and in that sense, Morozov seem likely to be the right coach for her.
Of course, whether that is the right approach by the choreographer in general is another argument entirely, I know.
To me, Miki skates a lot better in galas. She's freer, faster, more expressive. She admits her lack of competitive spirit is one of her problems, and went as far as saying she actually did not enjoy being seen, being the centre of attention. (Perhaps not being able to see the audience during gala performances helps her to be more relaxed?) Yes, it is a shame that someone with her talents has to suffer so much from the nervousness, which hinders her to be a truly successful competitive skater...
Finally, about her 'presence on ice' - the commentators on British Eurosports think the opposite from the formspringer (is there such a word?); they think Miki has a captivating presence on ice! And when she's on, as she was during her FS at the last Worlds, I must agree with them.

Anonymous said...

well said mm!!