Friday, August 13

Do you think Rachael Flatt wil be passed by some of the promising younger skaters next year?

If she fails to deliver consistently early on in the season, yes. It all goes back to my thoughts about the USFS really needing someone to step it up and make a big name for themselves leading into Sochi. While I think Nagasu has a little breathing room, I'm not so sure about Rachael. I still have my hopes for Wagner, but she needs to stop blowing the short program at Nationals.

Christina Gao doesn't really have a solid all-around package yet, but she does the triple flip/triple toe like it's nothing. If she/her team thinks about her going for two of those in the free skate and most of the other jumps go well, I think the USFS will be more than willing to push her up and maybe even on to the World team.

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