Friday, August 6

Do you think there was a possible way for Mishin to keep both Plushenko and Yagudin under his tutelage? Or was it always going to fall apart somehow?

Probably not. In 1998, both were already on the World podium and I think that Yagudin probably sensed that Plushenko (who had just turned 15 at that time) was going to have a really quick rise to the top and he needed a change of coaching to ensure that he had enough attention for himself, as he was already on top. I think I've read that they already had a rivalry brewing in training, anyways.

I liked Yagudin's move to Tarasova and eventually Morozov, and I think he really came into his own starting the very next season. I didn't think Carmen or Snowstorm were terrible, but I didn't think they were anything amazing, either. I actually like his Broken Arrow free skate from 2000 probably the best of anything, but he dropped it before the World Championships.

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