Tuesday, August 3

Do you think a US pair team that would podium regularly internationally could revive skating a bit in the US? What about if the female had IT FACTOR extraordinaire? Maybe only would work for singles lady. What are your thoughts?

Nah, pairs skating has been really unsuccessful compared to the singles disciplines and lately the ice dancing. Many would say that Tanith Belbin has that "it" factor, but did she and/or Agosto help to revive the skating here? If anything, they may have gotten more young skaters to switch to ice dance, but I don't think they attracted more fans to the sport.

I still think it has to be a ladies singles skater, but then again, with all of the forms of media and communication we have now, it's not like the ice rink is the only place to see the skaters. You can even talk with some of them via Facebook or Twitter, and I think the result is that the only fandom that figure skating will gain is from those that are truly interested in the sport itself, rather than for a star skater.

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