Friday, August 6

How does one tell the loop and salchow apart? They're the only jumps I can't get straight.

The loop takes off from the right skate if the skater is jumping counter-clockwise, as most do. The Salchow takes off from the left skate while the right skate swings up to get the momentum into the jump.

This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but an easy way to differentiate between the two is that a loop usually takes off from a skater gliding backwards, while a Salchow take-off follows the skater doing a three-turn. There are, of course, variations that add to the difficulty of the jumps (such as three-turns into a loop), but most of the time the skaters follow the above patterns when entering the two jumps.

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Tony said...

By the way, if that doesn't help, I can find some good examples on Youtube that really differentiate the two. People learn different ways, so let me know!

Anonymous said...

It's not my question, but PLEASE!!!

Case said...

A good skater to look at is Miki Ando. Her salchow has a very obvious swinging motion (love that quad, btw) while her loop starts with her feet crossed.

Delonjo said...

It took me several years to figure this out but the way I differentiate is:

The free foot on the salchow jump sweeps forward in front of the body and upward on takeoff. (Sarah Hughes)

The loop usually has the skater crossing their the jump looks twice as difficult. And the loop is usually telegraphed about 20 feet before takeoff. LOL

Anonymous said...

The loop looks like the skaters wanting to sit in a seat, knees crossed, before takeoff. In a salchow, both of the skaters' legs/knees tend to bend a little inwards, forming a slight mountain shape from the knees downwards, quite prominent with Miki although not so much with others.