Tuesday, August 3

How much emailing about specific skaters goes on between judges? Do they talk about marks often?

I know some international-level judges besides Patrick Ibens, and I can tell you that it's nothing out of the ordinary for them to discuss skaters or programs and share their thoughts by exchanging Youtube links, etc. These people are some of the most passionate about figure skating, and of course they want to be able to talk about it. Nothing wrong with that.

As far as them talking about specific marks, I doubt they are saying things like "Well I clearly will be giving a 4.25 for transitions for this skaters' upcoming performance." Getting others to see things that you see (such as strong choreography, lack of transitions) might definitely happen, though.

If I were a judge on a panel and I scored someone a 5.00 in skating skills for their two-foot skating and mediocre posture and carriage, I'd really want the other judges to see that their 7.50 and 7.00's were way out of line so that I wouldn't appear to be the clueless one. Yet, it happens!

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