Monday, August 9

how to face fear of falling and getting injured when practicing new jumps and extra rotations in those jumps?

I really don't think that is something you can teach. I was always fine with throwing myself up in the air and hoping I landed on that perfect back outside edge, even if I wasn't anywhere near successful. On the other hand, I see plenty of younger girls at the rink who have 100 times more potential than I ever will, and they have absolutely no idea where they are in the air so they always pop or crash hard on their jumps. You just have to get comfortable and have a good understanding of where you are, even if you are adding new rotations. 

The harness is used often as an understanding of what the full rotations will feel like, but I think that trying, say, a double Axel by doing just 2.0 rotations and coming out forwards on both feet isn't a horrible idea, rather than whipping yourself up for the full 2.5 right away. Same goes for the other single jumps vs. doubles. Many skaters start off doing 1/2 flips and 1/2 Lutzes before attempting a full rotation, just to get the feeling of it. Everyone learns different, but having no fear is definitely a plus.

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