Saturday, August 14

I know you like Mao's Nocturne SP a lot. But do you enjoy any of her other programs?

Since she's turned senior, I really like her 2008 and 2009 short programs as well. As far as free skates, aside from last season I thought all of them were alright, but nothing has really blown me away yet. When she skates well (such as the Olympics SP and first half of the Olympics LP), there's an intensity about her that really draws you in. I just wish the programs would have been better :-(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I agree with you in that Mao hasn't showed her best FS program yet. Actually my most favorite Mao's FP is still "Nutcracker."

Not that I want her to go back to the cute little girl again, not that she was better back then, but I think that the music choice, choreography, her confidence, happiness of skating and everything was consolidated in that program. That program was perfectly made for Mao of that age.

I want to see such a FS program for her as a mature skater!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, Tony. I also think Mao's SPs have been better program wise, although she has given better performances in the long. However, I did think "Fantasie Impromptu" highlighted some of her best qualities. I didn't feel the program stood out by itself. I thought Lori made the choreography seem a bit too busy at times. But Mao made it work when it may not have in the hands of another skater.