Thursday, August 5

Is it me, or does Caroline Zhang appear to be skating faster than usual after the spiral in this performance? What happened?

I don't know, maybe she got a jolt of energy because she was skating so well. However, I think you might have the illusion of her skating faster because the first half of the program was skated probably even slower than her usual.

Watching this and her 2010 free skate, it still makes me wonder why they give her the soft, slow romantic pieces like Ave Maria and Pas de Deux. I get the slow part, but the problems she has technically (the high kicks and twisting of the body into the Lutz and flip and the way she really twists her upper body ahead of her lower body in the Salchow) just throw off the supposed 'beauty' of the program. I do have to say that the footwork sequence at the end was really nice in this program, though.

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