Monday, August 9

Is there any particular reason why you think Mao is having trouble finding a permanent coach? She's been jumping around for a while now.

I have no idea. I have never heard that she is difficult to work with, but maybe she is taking extra time to find someone that gives her confidence and makes her really enjoy skating once again. I think she lost a lot of that with Tarasova.

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Anonymous said...

Mao sticks to what she wants to do in competitions just as she wouldn't give up 3 x 3As last season, but she is known for her amiable, honest personality. There's no way that she is hard to work with :)

But she's kind of a Joubert type who is the most comfortable to live in her hometown. It may be making it hard to find a suitable coach.

It may take coaches some courage to take on her now that she's already won the Japan Nationals for 4 times, World Championships twice and the silver at the Olympics.

Good luck Mao!