Monday, August 30

Italian Judge During Courchevel Mens Competition: Suspicious?

I was doing a search to see if I could add any more videos from the JGP Courchevel to the links list, and came across these interesting videos by Youtube member MrBadSpin69 which show the Italian judge, Walter Toigo, during the mens competition. The first video shows him almost seeming to check what the judge to his right (Wendy Enzmann of the USA) entered for GOE after pretty much every element. I think the most obvious point was at the 2:44 mark.

The second video is a little more difficult to tell if anything suspicious was going on because we can't see the faces of any of the other judges. Again, the judge to Toigo's right seems to enter most of her components scores for a skater while the he seems to be looking on. You can also see the judge to his left entering scores during this time. Finally, after Enzmann seems to be nearly done with her scores, the Toigo starts to enter his own.

What do you think about this?


Skating Judge said...

*enter dropped shocked face here*

I view this not in a cheating sense, but in a blatant attempt to cover up a judge's incompetence. I clearly see this as the judge not knowing his PCS/GOE scores and copying because of lack of confidence.

I can attest that entering your scores for the *first* time is a scary thing into that fancy little makes you hold your breath that you're not the one that's out...but in saying that - if he's judging at a Jr Grand Prix, I'd hope it is not his first time judging.

I can also attest to glancing at another judge's screen AFTER my scores were submitted and sent - but those were my very first competitions and it was looks to check on my own confidence.

Wow. I'm shocked and embarrassed.

jumping clapping man said...

I think you should submit this to the relevant authority!

I largely agree with the previous writer's instinct...he's even if to say: I don't know what I'm watching, don't care, and am, she's doing his work.

Tony said...

I am also sure that he wasn't necessarily "cheating" but rather double-checking all of his own thoughts.

Based on a Google search, Toigo has been judging the Junior Grand Prix since at least 2005, and he has also judged senior Grand Prix events and the World Team Trophy in 2009. The earliest international I found in my quick efforts was the 2004 Cup of Russia, in which he judged the pairs.

So we have a judge that has been on the international scene for a minimum of six or seven seasons, having to 'double-check' his marks after what appears to be EVERY element? Something is most certainly not right with this picture.

The yawning, by the way, happens all the time in the cold ice rink and I don't think we can look too much into that. I've seen plenty of skaters that you know are just dying to get onto the warm-up ice, but they are all yawning from the cold. ;-)

highaims said...

Can't they just set up partitions ?? Judges shouldn't need to double check. Period.

Anonymous said...

WoW! And he's not even good a cheating/double checking. I've seen 1st graders copy another's paper with more skill. :-)

Anonymous said...

Is this what this judge you interviewed after the Olympics is talking about? I hope the ISU has read that interview!

Ooooh but this judge is Italian.... so is the president! :)
So nothing will happen! :(

Tony said...

The ISU was well aware of the interview from March. The World Junior Championships were a week or two after I published it, and there were competitors and coaches e-mailing me after the event, saying that they heard chatter about it around the rink that week.

As for this case with the Italian judge, it most certainly would be considered a form of cheating.

If the ISU keeps getting hit hard with not only allegations but now some proof, maybe the powers that be will realize that a lot still needs to change. I think I'll be running for President of the Union as soon as I am age eligible ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

"I think I'll be running for President of the Union as soon as I am age eligible ... ;-)"

..... if only :-)