Sunday, August 29

JGP Courchevel Videos Starting to Surface

For now, just the programs from two of the French ladies competitors: Anais Ventard, and Yretha Silete, as well as the free skate of American Jason Brown.

Anais Ventard Short Program

Anais Ventard Long Program

Yretha Silete Short Program

Yretha Silete Long Program

All previous videos posted by Youtube member Frozenspirit99. There seem to be more videos on the way, so keep checking that page for additional skaters!

Jason Brown Long Program

Posted by Youtube member Joshgurian.


Kutien said...

We are waiting for Shelepen, but =(

Tony said...

I realized when I looked at the first video creators Youtube page that I know him. I spoke to him earlier and he said he has most of the big country skaters (Russia, Japan, USA, Canada, etc.) and I see he's been continuously uploading videos throughout the night. Still just the French, but I would guess Shelepen is on the way, too :-)

Skating Judge said...

Hey Tony,

Wanted to let you know about a new blog you might find useful one day - or just interested to read :)