Friday, August 6

Now that a lot of young skaters (Brezina, Amodio, Chan, Rippon, Kozuka, Reynolds, Schultheiss, Fernandez, etc) will have quads in their programs this season. Is there any quadless skater left who can beat them this season?

Great question! And we know that Takahashi, Joubert, Abbott, Van der Perren, Verner, Voronov, etc. already have or attempt quads, and I know Oda can do them in practice. That's every single skater in the top 12 at Worlds aside from Contesti, plus a few.

While all of them say they are going to try the quad, it doesn't mean most of them will be successful. We have seen examples of quads losing out to non-quads (short program at Worlds with Joubert), and the rest of the program has to be just as good if they still want to win or be near the top. The only skaters that can probably win without attempting the quad are (still) Takahashi and Chan if everything else goes well, and I think we really need to keep an eye on Rippon this year-- quad or not. I hear it's a beauty in practice, though. Joubert is the wildcard here. If Wilson can do enough to make Brian comparable in terms of the components, he might even be able to dominate once again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering! I was really curious after reading about the quads of Chan at Liberty and the reports about Rippon's quads in Toronto. I realized that there wasn't almost any quadless skater. This is going to be a very interesting season.
I really hope Adam will be the "dark horse" in the big events

Anonymous said...

I mean there is just no guarantee that these men will do quads in competition. I hope they do.