Wednesday, August 25

Orser Responds, And In Other News..

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Brian Orser responds to everything happening on Canada AM (video). I feel for him, but my question remains: if things have been shaky in Toronto since May or June, how was this a shock come August 2nd when he was informed that he had been dropped? My assumption would be that Yu-Na Kim or her entourage gave the impression upon returning to Canada that either she wasn't going to be competing next season or retiring. He says that in the last few weeks he had been helping her with little things, which falls most likely after her mom said he was done. Still plenty to come out, I'm sure, but I do hope the focus has returned to skating by the time Orser has other skaters competing on the Grand Prix. 

Kim shared some more thoughts on her personal page, which Yonhap News has summarized.

Anyways... shockingly enough, there are other things going on in figure skating. The Junior Grand Prix of Courchevel starts off the international season tomorrow. The results page has been activated, and check out the event website (in English). Among the pages includes podium shots of the competitors from the 2008 competition, and you will see a few familiar faces, especially from the mens photo! Here's to hoping there is some video coverage from the event.

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The Nebelhorn Trophy is the first senior international competition in 2010/2011, and it starts September 22nd. Entries have been published and once again, some big names will start their seasons in Oberstdorf. The mens field features Kevin Van der Perren (BEL), Michal Brezina (CZE), surprise 2010 Four Continents Silver Medalist Tatsuki Machida (JPN), and Armin Mahbanoozadeh (USA). Kiira Korpi (FIN), Carolina Kostner (ITA), World Junior Champion Kanako Murakami (JPN), and Ashley Wagner (USA) lead the ladies field. The pairs competition features the new team of Duhamel/Radford (CAN), two Italian teams: Berton/Hotarek and Della Monica/Kocon, and Russians Novik/Kuznetsov. Pechalat/Bourzat (FRA) and Cappelini/LaNotte (ITA) headline ice dance.


DW said...

Kevin VDP is still skating? I thought he retired. Guess not! Hopefully he retired his skeleton costumes, though.

Tony said...

Yeah, I figured that he and wife McCorkell probably want to stick it out until at least 2012, where Europeans will be held in her homeland and their current training country.