Monday, August 9

Out of curiosity, how long on average does a skater's pro/show career after being competitive last? I know Petrenko is still getting around and he's...well he must be over forty and he can still rock a performance...I suppose major injuries would factor?

It depends on the skater. Opportunities almost died around 2002 in terms of pro competitions and North American shows/tours. There was still COI and SOI but that didn't really force anyone to continue to push themselves. 

Denise Biellmann was still competing 18+ years after her World Championship win with a triple Salchow and triple toe loop still in her arsenal, but that really wasn't common. Maria Butyrskaya turned pro after the 2002 season and then during the following pro competitive circuit, she struggled with her usually beautiful triple loop and triple toe. Again, I guess it all depends on how hard the skater wants to work once they don't have the pressures of amateur competition to deal with all the time.


Tonichelle said...

I think the average would be about 10 years judging by Scott Hamilton's book, though it may be closer to twenty. But as far as being in their prime physical condition and not just phoning it in... I'd put it at 10 to 15.

Petrenko, Hamilton, Browning, etc were lucky in that they were pros (or went pro shortly after) during the BOOM of interest in the US in the 90s, so I don't think their careers are an accurate picture of what future stars will have in this country now. But who knows, Asia and Russia are seeing that BOOM now, so it's just a reversal. Their skaters are getting the top billing and our kids are lucky enough to get invites. It's all in a cycle. We'll hopefully see a resurrgance soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it depends on the skater....but generally til age 35 to 40.

It depends on how much work and effort the Skater puts in to keep up.

At the SOI I attended this year, Todd and Sasha phoned it in. Todd is 38, and it's showing. His time is done. Sasha is only 25 or 26 and looks done. Yuka Sato (at 37) put a lot into her performances, but only did double jumps-she may be about done.

Weiss looked good at 34- so he still has some time left.