Tuesday, August 31

Someone Who Isn't Afraid to Express Himself

No, not Johnny Weir.. :-)
Photos courtesy daylife.com

If you're in the States or probably anywhere else in the world aside from France, you were most likely introduced to Florent Amodio sometime during the 2010 season. I was amazed with a few things regarding his skating: the complete difference in style between his classical short program and modern fun free skate, yet he made both fit him beautifully; his solid basics and big jumps; and especially his amazing presence on the ice and great personality.

Amodio skated an exhibition consisting of an instrumental version of "Apologize" by One Republic, "Imma Be" by The Black Eyed Peas, and Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough" during the JGP Courchevel, and I once again find myself loving his skating! Portions of the program were very competitive free skate-looking to me (without the lyrics on the latter two songs, obviously), so I'm excited to see if this really is what he has planned for the season. He's quite the dancer, as you shall see! Also of note-- at the very beginning, it almost looks like he is going for a triple flip/half loop/triple flip sequence, but he had step-outs on both doubles and it looked like he had some kind of costume problem that was quickly fixed. I hope you enjoy this program as much as I did!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, he's hamming it up too much at times for me to really appreciate his skating. There's a difference between hamming it up and performing. I hate it when skaters go too over the top, the whole thing just end up being circus on ice. I guess it makes FS very palatable for uninformed public but I wouldn't want skating to go into this direction all the time.

Tony said...

That's just it, though-- it won't go in that direction because many skaters are very reserved and will never feel comfortable doing a program like this exhibition or Amodio's 2010 free skate. Takahiko Kozuka is my absolute favorite up-and-comer as far as the men go, but I'd probably have to say that Florent is second. Look at the difference in those two personalities.. it doesn't get much further apart!

Honestly, I think he really loves performing and I find all of his antics and performance qualities to be very natural rather than overdone or contrived. I like a little bit of everything, as long as the style fits the skater.

Anonymous said...

Amodio was born in Brazil and adopted by a French couple. His blood as a dancer is maybe from his mother country. He is a hope of French in 2014 Sochi, just like Kozuka in Japan. I like skaters who can express quite different styles with different musics and this is easy way to show and appeal skater's expression skills, I think.
In fact, Daisuke Takahashi 's last season's SP and FS were very different and this way was big success. And many judges, fans and audiences loved both. His performances pull me back to a figure skate fan.
Here is some information of Takahiko Kozuka's this season's program for Tony. He will show us quite different musics with different expressions, I am really hoping.

From his official fan site "Go! Takahiko"
And his new SP from ice show on YouTube

Anonymous said...

I didn't find it over the top at all. When he took off his shirt, I had nightmare flashbacks of Philippe Candeloro, but fortunately, it was a false alarm. I think he did a great job.

Anonymous said...

So refreshing to see a skater who truly understands what show skating is actually about and delivers it. I just love Amodio and how versatile he can be. Too bad he was too inconsistent to end up in the galas last year (just like Tomas) and we had to endure one boring "gala" programme after another. Thank God Joubert was in the galas to wake me up!

becauseofitall said...

Ooh, I love it. I also love that he skated right through his stumbles, so it looked it could almost be part of the program. Will be watching this guy!