Wednesday, August 4

What do you mean by 2-footed skating? Especially Joubert's name being mentioned when people talk about 2-footed skating, why? I get that his skating skills are avg & he's all about jumps, can older skaters like Joubert can improve their skating skills?

It's not that his skating skills are average, because he's actually quite smooth and powerful. It's just that he chooses to do a lot of crossovers and simple moves throughout his programs rather than incorporate edges and turns; you can see that in the top group of men, he really suffers in comparison. His vehicle is his intensity and his true emotion that comes out in his performances, and I think that it is wonderful to see-- it's just not particularly beneficial for the IJS. I know David Wilson gets picked on plenty, but I'm really, really interested to see if he can give Joubert something that breaks the trend and really challenges him more than just with a quadruple jump.

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Meri said...

That's a very good observation re Joubert's skating.

With all the talk about the importance of transitions, I think sometimes people forget that there are four other program components, and some skaters' strengths lie not in incorporating a lot of TR, but in other areas. That having been said, it's always good for skaters to challenge themselves and try to improve their weaknesses.

highaims said...

2-footed, meaning he lacks on incorporating moves with deep edges on each blade achieved by doing more difficult turns and steps, and does more simpler ones done on rather flat edges on both feet.

But I agree that his strength lies elsewhere, and if he can move audiences (and judges) that way, perhaps that's just his style. Obviously, it WOULD be better if he can skate more with the IJS criteria in mind, but then ALL skaters have their individual strengths/weaknesses.