Friday, August 13

What do you think Mao Asada can do to improve her overall performances, besides the obvious of skating to music that suits her personality?

All she needs is confidence. Check out her 2006 Skate America short program--- she shows there that when she's on and enjoying herself, she has a little bit of everything. I could watch that program on repeat for days..

However, I will say that ever since she's made the triple Axel a big part of her overall plans, it's really taken away from the performance because of having to stalk it for so long before she even jumps into the air. Remember that ridiculous entry she was trying a few years ago, I believe in her Czardas free skate? It came so quick, but it obviously wasn't giving her tremendous success with the jump. I guess that's the price you pay when you're trying a triple Axel in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I think triple axels should be awarded more points when a lady does it.
They should change the base value between men and women.