Tuesday, August 3

What is your take on the 2002 Worlds ice dance fiasco? Do you think that the new scoring system has helped to eliminate these kinds of judging calls?

I was one of those that really felt for D/V. If you look at the judging all year, there were certain judges that always placed C/S ahead. The problem was that it was never really close until the Worlds free dance, when it ended up 5-4 in favor of C/S. Drobiazko even tripped in the original dance and they still managed to beat the Israelis in that portion.

I know that D/V had some construction issues with their free dance (the amount of circular sequences they did and the pattern really focusing on the middle of the rink, etc) and her posture wasn't anything remarkable, but the feeling and intensity behind that program just really blew me away. C/S had a great free dance that year, but I don't think they were good enough for the bronze.

As far as eliminating the suspect judging.. I think it's getting there. The technical side all receiving levels and GOE has helped tremendously, but I think I sound like a broken record when it comes to getting the judges to better understand/score the components. I don't think it's too awful in ice dance, though.

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