Tuesday, August 3

Wonder if Inman was involved in the creation of the "before" version of the ISU video about TRs? http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/brennan/2010-02-10-evgeni-plushenko-videos_N.htm

Even if he was, he had nothing to quote until Plushenko himself made the comment. Let's remember that :-)

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caseyedwards said...

But by sending that email right before the olympics Inman was saying to ignore everything plushenko does on the ice and just mark him low on transitions basically. Inman should have just wrote something without mentioning any names -just something like "watch all skaters and what they do" Because you can see that only Plushenko of the top men was given a 5 in transitions. And he even addedd a blade squiggle LOL LOL and some judges still gave him a 5 because Inmans email said to mark him low.

Anonymous said...

Does ISU have some kind of professional ethics committee? Or is it a laughable suggestion?