Wednesday, September 1

Florent Amodio's New Coach

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After writing my post about Amodio yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a video interview (in French) that Florent gave on August 20th. He talks about his season last year, including winning the Masters, finishing 12th at the Olympics, and getting to compete on the senior Grand Prix. In the second part of the interview, Florent states that he has a new coach: Nikolai Morozov, who choreographed Amodio's competitive programs for the 2011 season.

You can find the interview here:
Note, upon re-watching the clip, I had to reload it a few times as it decided to keep pausing before completion.


Anonymous said...

It is good for him. And Morozov seems to have quite remarkable coaching skills for developing young skaters.
And I found a news about a new coach of Brian Joubert. Source is

Gingerella said...

Not impressed with this move at all! Here's hoping Nikolai doesn't try to change Florent like he did to Adam Rippon when he was coaching him. I beg Florent to keep his charm & personality no matter what!

Anonymous said...

I heard the main reason of separation of Rippon and Morozov was Morozov had many students at that time and Rippon couldn't take enough coaching from Morozov.
At least he helped to developments for Miki Ando, Daisuke Takahashi and Javier Fernández, I think.

Gingerella said...

I know that was the reason Adam left as he wasn't getting enough attention... but Nikolai tried to change him by making him cut off his curls, made him wear Russian style costumes and his skating suffered. I'm not saying that Nikolai hasn't helped other skaters, just didn't do anything for Adam. I really hope that Florent's skating overall improves, and he keeps his personality because he has the potential to be a major contender.

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