Wednesday, September 1

Program Memories: Schwarz/Muller

1998 was the first year that I started recording figure skating to VHS tape, and I very much remember being in love with the free skate of the German team Peggy Schwarz and Mirko Muller. Set to a piece from the movie The Last Dance, I was so upset with myself that I had two opportunities to record their bronze-medal winning program from the World Championships but missed both chances. Still, the program stuck in my head for a long time after and I remember being very excited to find it on Youtube a few years ago.

They may not have skated great, but there is still a subtle beauty about the program that I could watch all day long. I especially love the choreography into the pairs spin starting around 3:15, and they always had such perfection and unison in their side-by-side spins.


jumping clapping man said...

i can see your style...if they, and kozuka are seem to like restrained, clean, and somewhat conservative.

thanks for sharing them. i don't remember ever seeing them. their similar height is pleasing...less like a monster throwing around a handbag.

Pippa said...

I loved this couple. I though I had taped this programme, but as only allowed myself one 4 hour tape each year, I think I let it go and kept the short to prelude and Gugue instead. Their Patch Adams from 2000 is the one that really sticks in my mind. You seem to be obn the same wave length as me for what you like in a programme. I loved the Irina Slutskaya you linked to.