Sunday, October 31

Back Before Dylan Moscovitch Was a Grand Prix Silver Medalist..

Dylan Moscovitch and partner Kirsten Moore-Towers were the surprise pairs silver medalists (and winners of the free skate) at this weekend's Skate Canada. However, Dylan has also had his share of success in singles skating on the national level, winning the silver medal at the 2004 National Championships on the junior level behind fellow-turned pairs competitor Eric Radford, who finished 5th this weekend.

This is a program I remember watching via Facebook sharing back when it first got posted, and I loved how Dylan combined so many different signature moves from other skaters' programs into his own free skate. How many bits of the choreography can you pick up on?! By the way, this program/competition did not qualify him to Nationals that season.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that he had a brain fart in his short program at challenges and just missed the cut off for challenges made many many people sad because we all wanted to see his senior long at nationals. Probably including the judges too. At least we saw it at challenge, and it was even more refined that this video, from sections. There is a tremendous tribute vomit parody moment inserted at the last minute into the Challeges program that never captured on video unfortunately.