Monday, October 4

French Masters- Joubert and Amodio: Love or Hate?

Another competition that took place last weekend was the French Masters, featuring many of the county's elite skaters. Among them, Brian Joubert and Florent Amodio skated their new short and long programs.

Here are both skaters' free skate performances:

So, what do we think? I predicted Amodio would be skating an all-instrumental version of his exhibition at the Junior Grand Prix Courchevel competition as his 2010/2011 free skate, and I'm sad to see that I was correct. I like the concept, but I think there are too many changes of music/too many ideas and every single change involves Florent skating around in place or doing dance moves that, while fun, don't really score him any points as far as competitions go. Then again, sometimes the skaters that can bring down the house seem to score extremely well with the judges, regardless of strength of choreography and overall difficulty. While I loved this program from Italian Samuel Contesti, I still recognized the extreme amount of two-foot skating and lack of difficulty of some of the other skaters. It still managed the second-best interpretation mark of the night at the 2009 Worlds, and his components scores had him right in line with the likes of Patrick Chan and Brian Joubert.

As far as Joubert goes, this is SUCH a different look for him. I don't know what my verdict is just yet and I guess I'll wait until the Grand Prix starts to make a decision. I don't necessarily think that his music choices were the problem as much as the finer details and difficulty within his programs versus the other top men, but I give him credit for at least having an open mind to go for something new.


Anonymous said...

here's Joubert's short:

Like it?

Tony said...

Eh... I don't think so, but I'll again wait until the Grand Prix. What exactly was the spin he was going for after the triple Axel? It was like a flying sit with 2 revolutions and then an upright spin-- I'm pretty sure that wouldn't receive any credit?

Like Abbott's Najarro short program, I feel like some of the arm movements don't seem natural at all for Brian. That, in turn, makes the choreography look a bit silly.

Anonymous said...

That spin was FUSp2, he's got credit for it. My guess is, he can't do a camel with a similar entrance and is adjusting to the new rules this way.

Here's SP protocols:

And here's FS:

AFAIK, 2 revolutions don't count as a variation.

Tony said...

Funny, I never thought about doing a flying upright or upright/change/upright spin before. I see he isn't the only one who opted to do so. However, I'm pretty confident that the ISU will see a spin attempted exactly like this as a flying sit that didn't have enough revolutions so it will either get -3 or no credit at all depending on how long it takes him to get out of the sit position. On top of that, if he DOES receive credit for a sit spin, then he's also in trouble come time for the sit/change/sit. You can not repeat the same basic position between the two elements starting this year.

In any event, the GOE's were generous here as I don't think Brian got 8 rotations in the upright position.

Anonymous said...

I think Wilson invented that particular spin of Brian's.

I don't think the position in the beginning of his spin is a 'sit' position, since he isn't really sitting (the angle isn't there, the leg isn't parallel to the ice). And if it's not a deep enough sit spin, it has to be viewed as a upright spin. Isn't that's how it used to be in the past? Maybe you have tech controllers among your readers willing to confirm / correct?

Yeah, I counted only 6 rotations. But, in its total, there's 8 there, right?

Aaron said...

Okay...for the first time in a LONG time I'm loving Joubert's new free skate.

You say some of the arm movements don't look natural...I think that's a good thing. Working with David Wilson has done something very strange to Joubert...he seems more...I don't know...artistic somehow? I love that this is a completely different look for Brian with just enough of his vintage self underneath to make you really get it. His choreography is some of the best I've ever seen him do.

Amodio on the other hand is a hot disaster. This program is way to pieced together and it looks like he is just trying to hard at it. After it's over, I'm just like, "WTF did I just watch?" I think he's missing an opportunity to really do something special this season. Instead, he's opting to be precocious and over-indulgent on his style.

Just IMO :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aaron - I HATE the LP program of Amodio. I'm not a figure skating expert but I got a headache just watching it. It feels very "cluttered". Just too busy. Amodio made a comment about this program to the french press saying "He and his coach felt the risks were worth taking in the FS" (This is a rough translation from French)!?
Joubert - I like the LP I think it's got a lot of potential... not sure about the SP. Watching an interview with him on French TV. Joubert said Wilson picked the music for the FS and at first he hated it (not a suprise). But he came around later on.
Joubert was asked if thought he new LP was more "artistic". He said as he gets older he was wanting to try a more "mature" style program :)

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