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LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Ladies Long Program, Group 1

Here we go...

Warm-Up: Sonia Lafuente warms up the Axel. Valentina Marchei does a nice triple toe. Fumie Suguri is in an awfully interesting costume. Myriane Samson does a nice triple flip. Alexe Gilles goes for a flip, picks in wrong and does a single. Lafuente does a triple Salchow. Marchei does a double flip-- she hasn't included the flip in her program for years now. Suguri lands a nice triple flip.. she's been receiving loud cheers the entire warm-up. Samson does a single loop, getting the feeling of the jump. Gilles, in the pan of the entire arena, goes for a triple and slips off the edge and falls. Suguri lands a triple/double/double. Back to Gilles and she does a double Axel/double toe.

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1 Alexe Gilles USA The Queen Symphony
She gets the triple Lutz to start, in combination with double toe. She took her time and it was nice. Waltz jump/triple toe that looked nice in the air, but she fell out of the toe. Obviously, she was probably hoping for the first jump to be a double Axel. Triple flip a bit wobbly but landed. Back spiral to a Y-spiral. Flying sit is a mess and slows on the variation. Layback in a traditional position to dropping the leg back down, back up to catch-foot and Biellmann. Nice centering, but slow. Hit her blades together while stroking but no bobble. Triple loop goes up crooked and she falls on that. Triple toe/double toe/double loop was beautiful and effortless. Lutz gets 2.5 revolutions and she comes out and falls awkwardly. Footwork seems more muscled out than flowing and her speed has just been average the entire way so far. Gets it back with a triple Salchow. Combination spin at the end, decent positions but those variations just ruin her speed. Pleasant, although the program just trails off. Better than yesterday, but three big mistakes. General skating is slow and on the scratchy side, but she has nice posture.

45.71/40.91 -1.00= 84.62. 125.64 overall.

2 Sonia Lafuente ESP
Transitional steps to open the program. Triple FLIP. Good for her, that's a new jump! Deliberate, basic stroking. Nice triple loop! Triple Salchow leaned and she went down. Triple toe/double toe. The second jump was forced a bit. Change-foot upright spin, the second being a catch-foot layback. This program, not her short program, is Les Miserables. Double Axel with a slight lean forward. Spiral held at the blade and then Kerrigan-spiral. Spread eagle into a double Axel/double toe-- again not so strong on the second part. Big triple toe/double toe-- that one was nice. She's skating right through the music though. Choreography isn't horrible, but she's not particularly listening to it, either. Some one-foot work on her circular step sequence.. looks a bit labored and her speed has remained average the whole way. Flying camel/donut-- slow. And right into camel/sit/change/ y-spin/scratch that had no momentum on the second half. No excitement, and average spins and skating quality. Good for her for landing the flip though-- it was gorgeous.

47.08/42.36 -1.00= 88.44. 131.20. She moves into first.

3 Valentina Marchei ITA Die Fledermaus
Dress is flowy and makes her look much larger than she is. I don't like that. Triple Lutz/double toe, telegraphed, but nice big Lutz. Single flip again with a deep outside edge as she had a few years ago. Camel change edge/sit/change/ sit/y-spin/scratch. Average. Triple Salchow/double toe loop. She's interpreting the changes of music well, but the program has been pretty empty so far. Catch-foot spiral. Another Lutz, this one maybe just slightly underrotated but the landing was nice. Triple toe forward and abrupt landing. Single Axel/step/double toe loop. Double Salchow that went up leaning. The music got exciting but she didn't. Now she's smiling and the straight-line step comes at one of the less dynamic parts of the music. It has some energy and she's selling it as best as she can. Last spin goes on a while and ends in a catch-foot layback with not much laying back but the position is nice and centered. Again, not overwhelmed but she did land two Lutzes in the program. All of her jumps land with next to no flow out of them, and I think that has to do with her leaning just a bit too far forward habitually.

45.30/46.91 = 92.21. 137.78 and first on the free and overall.

4 Fumie Suguri JPN Song of Sheherezade
Wow, this outfit. That's about all I can say. Triple Lutz two-footed/double toe. Triple flip leaned and fell. Triple toe and that one is clean. Flying camel/sit/change/ sideways leaning/catchfoot-- the latter half was pretty poor. Time for choreography-- Arabian belly dancer-ish in place. Some of the first movements besides stroking. Y-back outside spiral into and inside forward spiral. Single Lutz. Her Lutzes look much more inside edge-ish than I previously remember. Double Salchow. She's focusing way too much on everything. Triple flip that will be downgraded to a double, and then a double Axel/double Axel sequence. Flying sit. Straight-line footwork, first half on one foot. Then some dancing in place. Continues on and this is decent, gets the crowd clapping at least. Not the speed or effortlessness she once had. Camel/change edge layover/sit variation/y-spin. Eh. Nothing stood out in that program and all the nice qualities she once had just aren't there anymore. The program had no real concept, and aside from the change of music in the middle and parts of the footwork, there was no attempt at relating to it. Next to nothing as far as transitions and steps into the jumps, too. So disappointing.

38.54/47.13 -1.00= 84.67. 132.84. Second place, and nearly last on the long (.05 ahead of Gilles).

5 Myriane Samson CAN Bohemian Rhapsody
Well, this is surely a popular piece this year. Triple loop a bit crooked but landed just fine. Three turns into the triple flip and had it for a second but slipped off the edge and went down hard. Stroking is kind of clunky. Triple loop/double loop/double loop-- the second two jumps done in place rather than flowing out. Layback traditional, dropping the leg and then catch foot. Slow. She's smiling and listening to the music. Triple Lutz is a bit crooked too and maybe a bit cheated. Catchfoot to forward inside spiral. Triple flip/double toe-- step out of the toe and again I question the rotation of the flip. Double Axel. Camel with catch foot/change/ sit with a bent leg. Triple Salchow might have been short too.. looked like she landed on the flat. Feed is blacked out at the beginning of the footwork. It's moving at average speed. Flying sit twisted upper body variation and then a pancake (donut.. whatever you prefer) variation. Nice jumps, program had some nice moments, but her best bet would be to go back to the basics and let her stroking smooth out and increase her speed. Technique is really muscled out on some of the triples and it leads to questionable rotation. Overall, I liked it.

51.36/50.07 -1.00= 100.43. 152.05. She's had a good competition!

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