Friday, October 29

LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Ladies Short Program, Group 1

I see that "Suddenly I See" is still the montage video music of choice for the ISU ladies event. Introductions in both English and French. Judging panel SUI / JPN / AUT / FIN / USA / CAN / RUS / GER / ESP. Canadians Samson and Lacoste have a laugh while waiting to take the ice for warm-up. Former American skater Lisa Ervin is on the technical panel, as is Italian Gilberto Viadana.

Warm-Up: Samson does a double loop, she's in pink.. Lafuente warms up a single Axel, and another. Gilles goes for a triple toe and falls straight back. She's also in pink, but a much lighter shade. Zawadzki is... in pink (shock) and does a triple(?) toe/triple toe. Not sure about the first jump, but the second was nice. Samson, does a triple Lutz/double loop. Not much going on when the camera focuses on a particular skater. Samson does an intentional single Lutz. Lafuente works on her step sequence. Lacoste stretches her body as she skates along the boards.

1 Agnes Zawadzki USA Gopher Mambo, Concierto para Bongo
The bright pink dress looks like it's out of Moulin Rouge, but this is a mambo. Speed still remains relatively slow. triple toe/triple toe EASY, triple Lutz also well done. Layback into a catchfoot and then up into a Biellmann, strong positions and fast rotation throughout. Choreography into flying sit in a low position with a donut-ish variation. Footwork is straight line and relatively simple and slow. Nice nuances to the music within it, but nothing special. Ina Bauer into a double Axel with a very brief checking of position. Camel/change edge/layback/ change foot/sit/Sasha spin in a complete split. That was nice! She just needs more speed and better footwork, and she's well on her way. In replay, the triple/triple combo should probably earn high GOE because it was effortless and both jumps were huge.

32.14/24.15 = 56.29

2 Myriane Samson CAN
Trying to start the season right after her short program disaster at Worlds. Triple Lutz/double loop is good. Double Axel doesn't get very high, but it's clean. Music is from Il Postino. Sideways leaning to layback with foot all the way near the nice, to a catchfoot that slows. Three turns into her triple flip that is also successful but maybe on the outside edge, flying sit with a twisted upper body into a donut spin, she's happy about this so far. Circular footwork looks relatively simple in parts but character driven to the music. Camel/catchfoot/ change/low sit/upright. Slow, but not bad. She's excited. She also could have skated a bit faster and had stronger footwork, and the spins could have been a bit faster as well. In replay, the flip is hard to tell but the Lutz looks like it went to the inside edge.

27.88/23.74 = 51.62 for second

3 Sonia Lafuente ESP Les Miserables
This is definitely The Feeling Begins and not Les Mis. And she falls on nothing and takes forever to get up. She's hurt. Something with her right knee cap. She's just skating around rather than going over to the judges. Now she makes her way over and talks to the referee. She's going to start from the 10 seconds or so she completed. Okay, actually she's starting from the beginning. She got too deep on a forward edge and caught her toe pick on the other skate. Lands a triple loop/double toe though just fine! Simple footwork into a triple toe loop, layback with a poor leg position into a catchfoot up to Biellmann-- that was nice. As always with this music, much of the choreography seems to be in sharp arm movements. Double Axel is done but maybe a bit short. Flying camel to inside edge and a donut catchfoot. Right into combo camel/sit held forever/ change/ sit-ish/Y-spin that gets veryyy slow. Serpentine footwork, again not bad but nothing amazing. Well, she recovered well.

22.51/21.25 -1.00 = 42.76. Third.

4 Alexe Gilles USA Aschenbroedel
Tall. Also slow. Triple toe/triple toe-- second jump wasn't all the way around and she fell straight back. VERY minimal steps into a triple Lutz and she goes down on that as well-- also probably not all the way around. camel to catchfoot/change/ sit to a twisted variation sit. Slow and nothing remarkable. Lands the double Axel. flying sit with variation. Again slow. Her crossover pushes really gain her no speed, something that seems to be typical of Zakrajsek's students. Footwork is in a serpentine pattern and slow. Layback /sideways leaning/catchfoot/Biellmann. Once again, shock-- slow. Everything needs more power and speed. Choreography had its cute moments though.

22.35/20.67 -2.00 = 41.02.. into fourth.

5 Amelie Lacoste CAN
Dark Eyes is her listed music. I'm pretty sure she's worked with Jeff Buttle on one or both of her programs this year. Nice big double Axel to start. Triple loop/triple LOOP with a fall out on the end, but a good effort. Triple Lutz! looked slightly short. Flying sit with variation is centered and had speed. I like this choreography quite a bit. Spirals and moves in the field into a layback that has centering problems into a sideways variation and catchfoot.. nice positions. One foot for the first half of her footwork.. she is one that gets strong pushes. Camel with illusions/change/ sit/y-spin with one hand. I actually really really liked that. Her family? shown in the audience. Good for her for trying the loop/loop-- she's gotten full credit for it before. In replay, it looks all the way around. Lutz.. maybe 1/4 short or so.

29.96/25.34 = 55.30 and second. Good for her! Best components scores so far.

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