Friday, October 29

LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Ladies Short Program, Group 2

Warm-Up: Announcer says, from Russia, Makarova.... Ksenia Makarova. Marchei single Axel, another single Axel. Announcer gives details about the skaters.. that didn't happen in the first group. Suguri does a double flip, reminder of the days when she was 2nd in the World from the announcer. Imai does a single Axel/double toe, another single Axel and camera pans away. Makarova with triple toe/triple toe-- second jump cheated. Czisny with a triple flip, looks decent. Phaneuf gets a huge applause, her hair is getting really long. Marchei with a Lutz and the camera goes to Suguri just as she's about to land. Czisny with a shaky triple Lutz that probably wasn't all the way around. Every time someone goes to jump, the camera goes to another skater-- such a tease.

6 Valentina Marchei ITA Requiem for a Dream/Lord of the Rings
Morozov coaching Valentina at the boards. Sucks in with her cheeks to make an o-typed closed mouth pose at the beginning, and looks around. Requiem. Triple Lutz forwards, hands down and fell out. Nice speed into a crooked triple Salchow.. probably not all the way around. Flying sit with variation is nice. She's very dramatic about this. Double Axel. Sideways/layback spin/catchfoot-- held for a while and it's a good position. Straight line footwork and she goes straight down and a pretty simple step-- that really took her off guard but she gets up and does the rest. Camel/change edge/sit/ change/ sit/y-spin/upright. She's not happy.

22.61/23.96 -1.00 = 45.57. Fourth.

7 Fumie Suguri JPN Adagio
Yeah, she's still skating. I loved her long program at this very event TEN years ago. Nice speed into her Triple Lutz/double toe, but the Lutz was cheated and the toe loop ran out of room and she stepped awkward out. No direct footwork into the triple flip-- also cheated. Flying sit in a low position/variation with leg behind. SLOW. Spiral and some steps into a shaky double Axel. Sideways to layback-- that's a good position but not the difficulty of most of the other girls. Straight line footwork.. she looks so serious and unsure of herself when she used to present her programs quite well. Camel/change edge layover/sit/ change/ sit y-spin again on the slightly slow side. I liked this program more than a lot of her other previous efforts, though. Very tepid applause. Lutz could be downgraded to a double based on the replay. She has to tell her coach that Chika is her sister. Weird.

24.85/23.32 = 48.17. Fourth. Definite downgrades.

8 Haruka Imai JPN Don Quixote 
Nice smile. This Gypsy Dance music is absolutely wonderful and I wish it would be used more. Sokolova used it way back in the day. Triple loop/double toe. Not the strong basics of some of the others, but she skates with good speed. Triple flip with a bit of a delay and not many steps.. she pulled it off decently. Layback/catchfoot/Biellmann that slows, but nice positions. Choreography is good but face is not relating. Double Axel with a slight skid on the landing. Camel/sit/y-spin/change/ low sit/upright-- all of that was VERY fast. Now she's showing some personality in the footwork, which is strong. Flying camel change edge/donut-- really, really nice and up into a catchfoot. The donut was just as good as Nakano's. I liked that.. she now needs to work on smoothing out all of the in between skating and flailing her arms less.

28.18/24.34 = 52.52. Third place.

9 Ksenia Makarova RUS Flamenco
I was bored a bit by her short program last year, but she has the choreography in the beginning that already sets the mood. Triple toe/triple toe and this one, unlike warm-up, is all the way around. Nicely done. Three turns into a nice triple loop, too, and a clean double Axel. Flying sit with a weird bent back but she's trying to get a really low position on it.. traveled in the first part. Crowd gets into the music during the straight line steps. Very minimal turning to the opposite (non spinning side) but there was a lot of content within that. Camel/change edge/sit/ variation/change/ y-spin in an almost split-- she holds that one. I'm really liking this. She's selling it, too. Layback /sideways that slows/catchfoot/Biellmann that regains the speed-- ends well. Well, now I'm a fan. That should be first. Viktor Petrenko at the boards. Eh.. if the judges are picky the triple/triple might get a < on the second jump.. it was close. Or is that Vladimir Petrenko with Ksenia? I think she just said hi to Viktor in the kiss and cry.

31.44/26.46 = 57.90 and into first

10 Alissa Czisny USA Romance
Nice white dress with a sheer skirt. Triple Lutz is crooked and she steps out. That was to be her combination. Triple flip is cheated a bit and she fights the edge to add a double toe to the end. Double Axel is all sorts of crooked but she pulls it off. Flying camel-- strong position, best yet, into a nice donut and catchfoot. I like this program and choreography. Camel/change edge/sit/Emanuel/ change/ sit with arms over head/one foot Sasha spin that she holds. Gorgeous spins. Right into layback/sideways/catchfoot/Biellmann that doesn't lose any speed. Good idea to end with your two strong elements. Well, story of her life is the jumps. Seems to me like no matter what type of different technique she learns, she more or less goes back to the old habits when it's actually time for competition-- at least this wasn't a disaster, though. Lutz probably with < and I don't know about the flip.

28.37/27.58 = 55.95, third.

11 Cynthia Phaneuf CAN
Cute look over the shoulder to start. Double Axel. Spanish music. Triple Lutz/double toe. Spiral of all things has a little wobble-- good thing it doesn't count this year. Footwork into a triple toe. Good for her. Now time to start selling the program. Sideways/layback/catchfoot. She centered it extremely well as the last position is probably hard to balance. Flying low sit with the same leg behind the other variation. She's had soft short programs for years but I like this more dynamic approach. Nice choreography in the straight line steps but the second half doesn't look too difficult. Crowd still loves it. They are really into it. Camel/change/ y-spin/sit-- she's thrilled. My favorite program of the day. I'm going to guess she goes into first, but things between first and fifth are probably going to be extremely close.

29.98/28.26 = 58.24. Into first, and yep-- top five only have three points separating them.

It's Phaneuf, Makarova, Zawadzki, Czisny, and Lacoste.

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