Saturday, October 30

LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Mens Long Program, Group 1 In Progress

Here I am. I just caught the end of Jeremy Ten's program. He's currently in 9th place and I saw him land a triple Salchow. He looks thrilled and received a partial standing ovation. Yes, Canadian audiences give standing ovations all the time, but the replays suggest he had a great skate.

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Marks are taking a while to come up, and coach McLeod says that just as I type this. Lots of chatting between the two.

67.66/64.50 -1.00 = 131.16 overall 191.86 and he moves into first.

5 Yasuhari Nanri, currently in 8th. His music is Carmen.
Triple Axel/triple toe to start, the toe may have been slightly underrotated but the Axel was a great one. His basics look more decent than I recall in the short. High triple flip. Triple loop that he has to fight to get the free leg out, but it's landed. Comes close to the boards while stroking several times in the first half. Another triple Axel that was low but he also pulled that off. Flying sit and he puts the arms over the head. Basic and average speed. Triple Lutz two-footed/double toe. He had to curl the edge on the Lutz to not run into the boards on the second jump. Not much interpretation so far. Circular footwork has a few steps directly in front of the judges but he isn't owning it. Once again ice coverage isn't the greatest here as he doesn't skate particularly fast. Another triple Lutz from a curve. Triple Salchow is okay. Camel/change edge/hop over/ sit. Camel could have been better and the whole spin is a bit slow. All basic positions. Double Axel/double toe with no running edge and the music is picking up for the straight line (set score) footwork. He has a smile now. Flying sit /change/ sit with variation. Slow. Well he landed the jumps, good for him. The footwork sequences could have really got the crowd going but the whole program stayed on one level. He's already 25 and still has a lot of areas he could work on, so unfortunately I don't think he will ever be a big threat in his country.

69.56/58.40 = 188.96 overall, into second place. Not bad for my fantasy prediction :-)

6 Artur Gachinski RUS--
Tries a jump AFTER his name has been called. Don't see that often. And then he tries a single toe, and works on the Axel set-up. He's doing the Baiul "I'll be ready when my skates tell me I am" routine :-) Okay, now he's ready. Quad toe pitched forward and a hand down but it covered the ice well and he flew into it. Triple Axel/double toe/double loop-- all big jumps. But again right away I notice that he's looking DOWN and not emoting. He'll learn.. Another triple Axel and as in the short, a short run out edge because of his arm position. Flying camel/catch-foot-- it's a unique position (not a full donut) and it was nice. Triple loop that actually had some movements into it. Triple flip possibly on the outside edge. Music is picking up for his footwork and it looks a bit heavy and scratchy. It's flashy but has some good content. Sit with arms on head/twist variation decent too. Standing in place and flashy arm movements for the next music change. Nice triple Lutz with arms at his side when he lands. Triple toe again with the confident arms on the landing. Double Axel/double Axel sequence and once again arms at the side and then he lifts them up after a second of holding the edge. I don't know that I like seeing that over and over again. Nice camel with a change edge/sit variation travels a bit/ change/ sit/ y-spin that slows but he's a good spinner. I think I missed the set value footwork sequence right before that.. it was apparently real quick. He held the speed throughout and he started looking up and presenting himself about halfway through, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of his style. Definitely a bit better than what I remember from him last season.

73.91/63.60 = 137.51. 204.08 overall, into first. 


Anonymous said...

Did they forget one deduction in Ten's case?

Tony said...

I didn't see his program and was setting up my computers/big screen during a lot of the replays, so I'm not sure. Did he fall?

Anonymous said...

I thought so. Going to watch the replay.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if he fell, but his skate lace broke/popped open halfway through and he had to stop, confer with the referee, fix it, and start again where he left off.

Anonymous said...

hi tony, do you have a live stream?

Tony said...

I don't have a free live stream, unfortunately. :-(

And equipment failure or pauses in the program no longer have a 2.00 deduction.

Anonymous said...

Ten did fall on his arse.

Anonymous said...