Saturday, October 30

LIVE BLOG Skate Canada: Mens Long Program, Group 2

Warm-Up: We are getting the same info as the short program. Alban Preaubert does a crooked (as always) triple Lutz. Javier Fernandez does a triple Salchow in front of him. Patrick Chan gets a huge applause and does a double Axel. Adam Rippon gets a nice applause and lands a triple Axel. Kevin Reynolds does a triple Axel. Nobunari Oda warms up the take-off of his quad toe, which he's going to attempt. Quad toe/triple toe/triple loop as they pan to the entire ice surface. Nice! Preaubert does a triple Axel-- they all seem to be having a decent warm-up.

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7 Javier Fernandez ESP
He is keeping his Pirates of the Caribbean free skate. BEAUTIFUL quad toe loop to start. I wonder why he didn't try it in the short program. Another beautiful triple Axel-- seriously he has one of the best I have ever seen (as I said in the short). Steps into a triple Lutz. Flying sit that travels severely at first and he does the cross-foot variation a la Abbott. Drunken circular steps that were such a highlight last year. This is very good so far! Shades of Yagudin's Winter at the end of the sequence where he grabs the ice. Now the slow section and he pops a triple Axel to a single, but combines it with a triple toe. Triple flip gets him back on track. Spread eagle and some stroking into a nice triple loop. Triple Salchow/double toe/double toe-- a bit slow on the back end. Lots of jumps all in a row there, just as in the beginning. Triple toe/double Axel sequence. Straight-line step and the crowd claps along. Camel is slow/sit travels/Emanuel/ change/ sit/ hop/ sit that is a bit wild and up into an off-balance upright. Right into sit that again travels way too much/change sit again traveling. The spins can obviously improve but I love that he believes in every single second of the performance, no matter how well or bad the program is going. One big mistake on the Axel but everything else was there, including very high quality on some of the early jumps. Basics are good, but still have potential to be great. He's happy.

75.11/69.00 = 144.11. 210.85. First place.

8 Alban Preaubert FRA
He's ALWAYS interesting, and I really respect his creativity. Triple toe to start that looked intentional. Triple Axel/double toe that gets good distance. Triple loop with very little preparation. Flying sit travels slightly as he's a bit high on the toe. Circular footwork gets slow on the second half but he packs in the content and moves well in both directions. This is more dramatic than the usual comical or modern pieces he skates to. Another triple Axel with nice flow out of it. The men are bringing it! Triple flip/double toe/double toe. Flip was landed a bit backwards but he saved it. Triple Lutz. Steps into a triple Salchow/double toe. All the jumps are there for him too, but the music isn't doing enough. He doesn't have the quality or finish of the others, but his skating usually gets the crowd going enough that it's a bit forgiven. I don't think this will bring down the house, ever. Straight line step into a sit change sit. Nice centering and speed. Triple flip has a rough edge coming out but done. Camel/sit held for a long time/upright variation/change/ sit variation/upright. Nice centering. All the spins have nice speed. Good effort, and he pumps the fists, but just a generous audience applause. It seems like nearly every time I see him, he's very consistent with the jumps.

72.98/66.36 = 139.34. 209.05 and just barely into second place.

9 Patrick Chan CAN
HIGH scores so far tonight.. I can only imagine what a clean skate from him will bring :-). Geez, he moves so effortlessly and there's speed off the first push! Quad toe and it's also a beauty-- tremendous speed coming out. Triple Axel leaning way outside the circle and falls. His three turns into it sounded a bit scratchy. Triple Lutz that he holds on to. Excellent pacing to the music and the footwork sequence has so much content yet he moves so simply. Maybe a little bit of a balance check in the middle. Flying sit with variation is good. Steps all the way down the ice and he lands the second triple Axel a bit backwards but combines it with a double toe. Triple Lutz/half loop/double Salchow-- three jump combo now. Sit/change/sit with variation is also good. Spread eagle into a triple flip and it looked like he wanted another combo on the end of that. Triple loop/triple toe and the second jump was definitely not all the way around. Double Axel is alright. More footwork. This program is a marathon.. there's really not a lot of time for rest and he's giving it his all. Camel/change edge/sit/ change/scratch. I don't mind that he kept the program, but I think the standing ovation (although completely expected) is a bit much. Quite a few small-ish mistakes aside from the triple Axel fall. Adam Rippon warms up a double Axel as Patrick waits for the marks.

83.18/84.14 -1.00= 166.32. 239.52 and clearly into first.

10 Adam Rippon US Piano Concerto No. 2
Triple Axel/double toe. Not the best run-out from the Axel, but he really built the speed up there. Gorgeous spread eagles into a double Axel. No quad yet. Triple Lutz with both hands above the head is gorgeous. He's flowing really well and looks relaxed. Flying sit change variation sit. Time to catch his breath. Second triple Axel has a step-out. Back crossovers still need some work. Triple flip/triple toe. Triple Lutz/double toe/double loop with a hand over the head for all three. The Lutz was again a nice one. Triple loop. Camel/sit/cross-foot. The crowd is somewhat getting into it for the straight-line footwork. He has a big smile. Triple Salchow and then a flying camel/donut/change/sit variation/scratch. I think this is going to be very close. The crowd doesn't give it as strong of a reaction, but is that really surprising? Full of transitions and great speed throughout. Besides the pumping of the back on the back crossovers, he has absolutely gorgeous quality to everything. I'd give it to Adam, especially after the short program.

80.35/75.16 = 155.51. 233.04. Second place, and the components are ten points lower. No, not right. Oh well.

11 Kevin Reynolds CAN
Maybe a quad loop here? Quad Salchow, again a good one! Quad toe/triple toe also good! But then just a single Axel. Upright/awkward twisted variation/change/ layback/sideways spin-- well, you don't see that from every man but it was pretty average. Triple loop is nice, so I'm taking it no quad. Another single Axel. Triple Lutz slow getting the free foot around. Flying sit/variation. Circular footwork has energy. This is a best of classical hits routine. Back spiral into a triple Salchow and then extends the free leg.. that was nice. Triple flip/triple toe and he falls backwards on the toe loop. Straight line step and the audience claps along. He hasn't given up on the performance, but it's a bit disjointed. Camel/change edge/sit donut/change crossfoot sit/scratch to end. Tough. Two single Axels that will kill all the bonus he would have had from the two quads. Should definitely move behind Chan and Rippon, and I'd guess he scores somewhere around Fernandez for the free program.

70.06/69.50 = 218.65 overall and into third. Maybe a bit high on the components. Program didn't do much for me.

12 Nobunari Oda JPN
Quad toe/triple toe/triple loop in the warm-up. Go for it! Quad toe with a lean forward and not in combination. Gorgeous basics. Triple Axel/triple toe again with that perfect knee bend on both landings. Just amazing. Steps into the triple flip and another beauty. Circular steps sequence has energy from his movement, but sigh.. that face. Completely expressionless. Camel travels/sit/change/ sit/Emanuel. Second half was nice. I like this choreography-- takes his time. Triple Axel and he goes down. Beautiful triple Lutz from steps and flew from one side of the rink to the other leading into it. Nice high triple loop. Triple Salchow/triple toe. Keeping the speed up, double Axel. Straight-line step.. he's looking a bit heavier than in the beginning but still doing well. Flying camel/layover/upright/ change/sit/variation-- all good positions. Flying sit travels and slows on the variation. Tough. I liked this better than the short program and liked that he had transitions into almost every jump element, but the spark is still missing. Remember, he did have an eight point or so lead over Patrick following the short.

81.87/74.28 -1.00= 236.52 and second place.

Of course the audience goes crazy over Chan, but dare I say I hear a LOUD boo by someone in the crowd? Again, I'd have to score the short program to see exactly how much of a difference I'd have in the points between Oda/Rippon and Chan before I can really harp about this result.


Anonymous said...

Adam is the sacrificial lamb in this competition, right?

Tony said...

Yeah. He's not 10 points lower on components than Chan.

Anonymous said...

How utterly ridiculous. I'm kind of astounded that anyone could consider these scores legit. Chan doesn't need to skate well - all he has to do is attempt a program and the judges will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

How can they get away with this scoring?

Anonymous said...

I know Skate Canada and all that but can they at least pretend to be serious with the scoring. Chan was pretty good but a personal best score? Yeesh

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Adam's components scores are ridiculous. There should be some kind of correction score to account for Canadian bias, heh heh.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan, but... well done, Mr. Oda! Given the pressure of skating last and clownish scoring.

Anonymous said...

What a completely ridiculous result.

Anonymous said...

PChan is so happy he 'won'.

Can't the skaters, coaches and federations just boycott Skate Canada?

Anonymous said...

If that's all it takes to earn scores as high as the top men's skaters at the Olympics, Skate Canada clearly has a very different idea of what constitutes 'skill' or, say, 'landing jumps'. Appalling.

Anonymous said...

Protocols up:

Anonymous said...

Chan has +3 GOE for quad, for steps, for spin. that's ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous scores and results.

Anonymous said...

I was SO puzzled with the PCS scores, especially the PE segment, that I went back to ISU's website to check out the 'Components with Explanations' pdf file to clarify matters.
OK, I came back as puzzled as ever...
Are judges are REALLY capable of judging along all these subjective criterions precisely, in a just a matter of a few minutes that makes a program as well as judging the technical sides as well ???
That really is asking too much from them. Of course it all gets SLOPPY!!!

Anonymous said...

He... he won? I'm stunned and speechless. I haven't seen the progams, of course, but I thought after three falls in the short...

(And now to actually read your post on the long.)


PS. I do want to thank you for doing these posts- for someone who hasn't had an opportunity to watch the competion itself, they are invaluable. So - thank you!